Comparative Analysis of Nemo Dragonfly Vs Nemo Hornet

We are going to know about nemo dragonfly vs nemo hornet which are two popular tents in the world of backpacking tents. Campers around the world are fascinated about their quality and usefulness.  Although both the products are produced by the same company, Nemo, there is an ongoing debate among the users regarding the quality and other facilities provided by both the tent lines.  According to some campers, Nemo dragonfly is the best, some other campers have the same view for Nemo Hornet. As both the tent lines are similar, and it is hard to choose any one between these two,

Here Is A Comparative Analysis Of Nemo Dragonfly Vs Nemo Hornet:

The Dragonfly tents are renowned for their spacious outdoor tents which have some convenient features like large doors, and space suitable for two persons even if they are as tall as 6 feet. Their tents are really handy to set up as they have color-coded parts.  Their fantastic geometric shapes and tension anchor them firmly to the ground and protect against the strong wind. Nylon material makes their products long-lasting. Despite being large, Dragonfly manages to keep the weight of the tents reasonably.  Although the price of the products may seem high at the first glance, but the price is actually reasonable if the durability and quality are considered. Still, these tents have some limitations also. For example, the design of the doors which are quite unusual, lack of ventilation, and condensation problem during the rain.


Their products are suitable for using in other 3 seasons.  On the other hand, Nemo Hornet is another well-known tent line by Nemo which is popular among the campers. The double-wall design and convenient door shape make the tents comfortable to use and sleep in.  Another superb feature of their products is the storage space and organization pockets for gears. Although space is an issue if two persons need to share them, it is perfect for 1 person with a lot of gears.  Their products are weather resistant to some extent. They can stand firm against rain and snow, but they bend during gusty winds. The best thing about these tents is the affordable prices. They are also comparatively lightweight which make them easy to carry with gears. Also, they are simple to set up for experienced campers and can be used in all 4 seasons. Among a few limitations, the shrunken interior is the major one, especially, in windy weather.   I think this comparison between nemo dragonfly vs nemo hornet helps you to make the right decision.              

Here Are Two Most Usable Backpack Recommendations for You

Nemo Dragonfly Bikepack 2Pnemo dragonfly vs nemo hornet

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Best for:  Bikepacking

Weight: 2.8 Pounds

Measurement: 7.87 x 7.87 x 15.75 inches

Item model number : NM-DFBP-2P

Fabric: Nylon

Size: 2 person 

Color: Full black 

Nemo Dragonfly Bikepack reminds us of that fictional character of the movie “How to train a dragon” by its color and structure.


It exactly fascinates us like the movie on that dragon theme. Whatever but this 2p Nemo tent is a perfect one for solo travelers as well as duel travelers.


Moreover, it is specially made for bike riding time which means it’s a backpacking tent. This all comes with a carrier bag for the tent with an amazing design which keeps the tent retained with your bike easily.


This tent is made of the best fabric of nylon which protects the inside area from heavy sunlight, insects, rain, etc. Its backpacking size is 14.5” x 6.5”. In addition, it has a rain fly feature that gives a shield as a heavy rain protector. This tent item’s weight is 1.27 kilograms and the floor area is about 2.7 square meters.


In addition, its minimum weight is about 2lb 13 oz. This tent is recommended best for solo or couple camping or hiking. The special black color and reflection-free material of the tent give a distinct color in the outside appearance.

The vestibule area of the tent is about 10 square ft each side. The entire structure of the tent is designed as an ideal handy tent with shortened pole and is easy to carry with other traveling supplies, at a time.


The whole outside structure of the tent is designed to make it lightweight and easy to get some livable space inside of it comfortably.


Moreover, there is a flooring waterproof set up for floor protection from any sharp raw materials on raw soil. It’s freestanding and the solo setup gives the facility to put in the tent anytime anywhere in a short time.


Beneficially, this Nemo tent is built for all that three seasons so it can be a perfect choice for any season camping anywhere. But according to the customer review, NEMO dragon flies bikepack 2P is better for solo camping. But indeed, the Nemo dragon fly tent is the user’s best choice.




  • Best for bikepacking 
  • Handy tent 
  • Full coverage protection 
  • Lightweight 
  • Footprint floor 




  • Not comfortable for more than one person camping set up




Nemo Hornet Elite Backpacking Tent



nemo dragonfly vs nemo hornet

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Best for:  solo camping and backpacking

Color: Marigold

Establishing type: Liberal standing

Capacity: 2 person

Specialty: Waterproof

Material: Nylon fabric


Nemo Hornet is an elite backpacking tent including an up and down using the feature. Moreover, it has a headroom set up with a flying clip but someone can remove it if someone wants. This tent is usable on both sides like ups and down fabric and structural.


This freestanding tent is an ideal one for two-person camping or solo camping. This Nemo Hornet Elite Backpacking tent is made of the best nylon fabric used for making tents and it is waterproof. This handy one is about 2 pounds in size.


Moreover, this premium light tent is suitable for comfort camping with a hydrated space room. In addition, it has two vestibules and big doors on both sides for anytime access. The minimum pole structure heads up every single ounce of space to ensure your comfort.


The top fly bar clips offer more space on the head rather than increasing the weight of the tent. The water-resistant floor gives full raw sharpness protection and comfort to feet.


Besides, there is another side pocket system in that carrying bag to carry any extra load. This tent is made of top-shelf fabric which saves every minimum possible weight to save. Its semi-freestanding style of the poles gives full protection on the tent’s standing for solo camping.


In total, this tent gives full coverage from heavy rain, sun protection, and is insect-proof. Rooftop flying nod helps to decrease extra weight and gives full room space on the head.


The floor gives a sleep comfort in that tent. The matter that makes this tent special is that it has a full coverage waterproof system and build with a great ventilation structure inside of it. In this way, it ensures the full comfort of the user. Though it is recommended for two-person, it is an ideal one for solo camping. This Nemo Hornet Elite Tent is best for carryall backpacking and is available in color Marigold.


  • Head roof Flying clip
  • Easy access system
  • Best for a solo camping
  • Ideal for backpacking
  • Lightweight


  • Semi freestanding style standard


Both the tent comparison, Nemo Dragonfly vs Nemo Hornet, have their own pros and cons. Choosing which tent is the best depends on the requirement and preferences of the campers.


When Dragonfly offers spacious, durable, and small pack size, Hornet offers light-weightiness and low cost. If someone is looking for more room and comfort, s/he may go for Dragonfly as these tents are perfect for 2 persons.


Again, if someone is keen on having something that can be used around the year, may buy Hornet tents. Thus, based on their requirements, campers can choose any of the tent lines for their camping.

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