Osprey Waypoint Vs Farpoint– A Complete Comparison For You

A backpack is an excellent choice for traveling. It keeps all your essentials at hand and lets you move hands-free. You can carry your belongings safely with a backpack. I will provide an overview of osprey waypoint Vs Farpoint in this content. What Backpack will be fit for you? It’s a great question to all. A well-protected backpack is featured with high-quality, waterproof, lightweight, flexible, etc. You have to know the features and benefits of a Backpack before buying it. Let’s have a look at the detailed comparison between two branded backpacks for your best pick.

Osprey Waypoint Vs Farpoint– A Complete Comparison For You


1. Design & Material

Design and making materials of the osprey waypoint and osprey Farpoint are different. Dimensions and weight of the osprey waypoint are comparatively more than the Osprey Farpoint. The osprey waypoint is designed with 3 to 4 internal pockets, whereas the osprey Farpoint has only a zippered mesh pocket in the lid. On the other hand, you will get a shoulder trap with the osprey Farpoint where the waypoint has not. Ballistic Nylon and 210D Nylon are used to make this osprey waypoint and Farpoint, respectively.

2. Harness Fit 

The fantastic adjustability of the harness is always expected of all users. It simply provides comfort while carrying heavy accessories. The Osprey Farpoint has only two sizes, whereas the latest waypoint will give you only one size. The Osprey Farpoint is very useful for having a storage compartment that can keep all necessary external parts. It will free you from flailing straps. You will also get more adjustability with the osprey waypoint.

3. Carry-on capable

Carry-on luggage is an important feature. A travel backpack is always expected to carry everywhere. The Farpoint backpack is the one that is suitable to carry everywhere.

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And the osprey waypoint is much more spacious than the Farpoint backpack. This Backpack is not perfect for carry-on luggage, but it will support you to carry huge accessories during travel.

4. Removable Daypack

A removable daypack is normally attached with the actual Backpack. The daypack is designed with small pockets with a zipper. These pockets carry water bottles, tickets, sunscreen, and other necessary particles. The Osprey Farpoint has a larger daypack than the waypoint backpack.

5. Price

Osprey is an exclusive brand with high quality. The price of lightweight and comfortable branded backpacks is comparatively higher than others. You will get the osprey Farpoint backpack in reasonable price, but the price of the osprey waypoint is also same right now.

Most Usable Backpack

1. Osprey Men’s Waypoint 85 Backpack




Everyone should carry a great travel backpack for travel convenience. Let’s describe the features of the osprey men’s waypoint 85 backpack-


Quick Specs



Used material-Ballistic nylon

Exterior pockets-more than 5 compartments

Detachable bag Dimensions-19 x 11.5 x 7 inches


Design & Material


The osprey men’s waypoint 85 backpacks are made up of ballistic nylon. Foam or alloy is used to make its frame. The design of this large backpack is organized with lockable zippers, compression straps, and interior pockets. You will get stretch side pockets to carry extra accessories.


Removable Daypack


The waypoint backpack will provide you with a detachable daypack with side zip pockets and top pockets. This daypack can carry your tickets, passport, travel book, snacks, etc.


Air Circulation


The Osprey men’s waypoint is a travel backpack with a proper air circulation system. The Airscape back panel with the light wireframe helps increase airflow during hot weather.


Comfortable Carrying


The zip-away suspension system of this backpack helps for streamlined transport. With the interchangeable waypoint shoulder harness system, you will enjoy a comfortable carrying facility. This backpack is acceptable for its carry-on size in most airlines.




  • Logical design
  • Perfect for extended travel
  • These backpacks are top of functionality
  • It is built with quality materials
  • A separating daypack is available




  • No small compartment
  • Only one color is available
  • This backpack is comparatively large than others



2. Osprey Farpoint 40 men’s Travel Backpack






The Osprey Farpoint 40 is a carry-on-sized travel backpack. It is suited for your upcoming trip. Let’s have a look at the features!


Quick Specs


Style-Duffle backpack

Total capacity-40 liters

Pockets-more than 3

Backpack material-Denier ripstop nylon

Dimensions- 22″H x 14″W x 9″D (M/L)


Design & Material


The Farpoint backpack is made up of 210 denier ripstop nylon. This large and pretty backpack is constructed with a lockable U-zip duffel style. It has a total volume of 40l volume. It is also designed to handle loads up to 40 pounds.


Multiple Sizes


Two sizes are available for this backpack. You will get medium and large sizes. The Size of these backpacks’ sizes is ideal for this backpack. It generally meets the carry-on size rules of maximum airlines.


Extra Capacity


You will get an extra capacity facility with this amazing backpack. This beautiful backpack is included with dual mesh pockets. A heat embossed scratch-free zippered slash pocket with this bag normally enhances the demand of this backpack. The lockable zipper access of the laptop will provide you the additional facility.

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Stowaway Hipbelt & Harness


When you need not use the zippered rear flap as a backpack, the Hipbelt and harness protection level is available.




  • Internal storage is enough
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Large panel zip access is available
  • This backpack is included with dual from mesh pocket
  • The lockable compartment of the laptop sleeve is available




  • Only one color is available with this model.





In this discussion, we have tried to explain a proper comparison between the two fantastic backpacks named osprey Farpoint and waypoint. You have already found a lot of differences between these two. These two backpacks have some similarities also.


Which Backpack is the Best “Osprey Waypoint Vs Farpoint” The choice is yours. Hopefully, you can choose your preferable Backpack after reading this content with pros and cons. This useful overview will help you pick the best one from a lot. Enjoy your journey with the best Backpack!

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