Which Tent Is The Best, “Alps Mountaineering Lynx Vs Zephyr?

Which Tent Is The Best, “Alps Mountaineering Lynx Vs Zephyr? Are you finding it hard to make a choice in Alps Mountaineering Lynx Vs Zephyr? Fair enough! In the outdoor market, Alps Mountaineering has undoubtedly a renowned brand value. So, there is no question about the brand itself.

But I can make it easy to pick one between Lynx and Zephyr pretty easily. How? Well, in this comparison article, I’m going to show you exactly the way of doing that. Both the tents offer tons of mesmerizing qualities. But there is always something that makes one better than the other. So, let’s see what are the head-to-head comparisons between these two tents.

Which tent is the best, “alps mountaineering lynx Vs zephyr?


Both tents are pretty similar when it’s about the capacity. Well, Lynx and Zephyr both have multiple versions depending on the size. You will find their tents for single, double or even multiple persons.

But I will give a plus point to the Lynx here. Lynx has four different versions with basic to supreme qualities. On the other hand, Zephyr offers only three versions. So, here, Zephyr has the hands-down a bit.

Season Compatibility:

Alps Mountaineering Lynx tents are basically suitable for cold weather campaigns. With a lesser mesh ratio, these tents keep the heat inside.

Zephyr tents are completely the opposite of Lynx. If you go to the mountains in the summertime, Zephyr tents are the best choice, for sure.


Both the tents are unbelievably long-lasting as they are made of 75D 185T polyester fly. They can resist UV damage and stay taut. So, I’m giving the same points for both the brands in this particular criterion.

Water Resistant:

Lynx is simply the winner this time. Lynx tents have a lesser mesh ratio, as I already said, that resists water to get inside.

But Zephyr isn’t that good in this case. In heavy rains, ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr could leak, sometimes. So, Lynx is definitely the winner in Alps Mountaineering Lynx vs Zephyr.


Well, both the tents are in a good price range. I found it affordable to get a premium quality tent without costing much money. The bigger version of Zephyr and the basic one of Lynx may charge quite same. But, as the Lynx has one additional version, it will charge a bit more money. But the quality of this version is completely worth the price.

Vestibule Area:

I always prefer a tent that has a large vestibule area. Well, a wide area along with the main entrance always adds extra value.

Lynx is always my favorite in terms of vestibule area. The tents have around ten sq ft of vestibule area, whereas the Zephyr tents have a vestibule area of 5.5 sq ft. You may not feel it is crucial. But, to me, having an extra camper space in my tent is enough to please me.

Here Are The Two Best Alps Mountaineering Tent, 2 Person Tent:

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

Best for: Mountain riders and rough adventure, camping, hiking 

Height: 46″

Weight: 5.8 Pounds

Capacity: Two persons 

Installation: Freestanding 

Brand: ALPS Mountaineering

Color: Blue, Green

lynx vs zephyr

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent is a tent especially for mountain riders who wants a comfortable shelter up to the hills after a long journey. This tent is one of the bestselling tents in the recommendations of tent purchasing. It can arrange two person’s temporary residence and easy to apply in higher mountains.

This is the brand’s “ALPS Mountaineering’s” one of the bestselling camping equipment. The tent is covered with the best polyester fabric which protects the tent from insects coming inside. Moreover, it gives UV sun protection on high hills near to sun rays.

There are two large vestibules added to the tent for extra kinds of stuff preserving. The special feature of this Alps Lynx tent is it has 8 zippers and far more storage for extra reservation.

Furthermore, there is a hexagon-shaped gear loft for many uses especially for storing handy pieces of stuff you need immediately dry or for drying clothes. This tent offers you more aluminium hooks, guy ropes for freestanding structure balancing.

Besides, there are two large doors on each side of the tent for easy access from both sides. This is a liberal-standing two-pole tent. It has a perfect ventilation system for in and outside of the tent.

Its waterproof and insect-proof floor matt system ensures wet weather protection and at the same time hydration inside of it.

It protects your comfort from raw sharp materials lying on the surface and gives you a comfortable sleep or sitting. This is a lightweight tent, easy to carry, handy travel tent.

Its weight is only about 5lbs. This tent takes its installation place is about 37 square feet. Its height after installation is 46 inches and base height is 5′ x 7’6.

In short, it’s a two-person capacity tent. Well, it is available in two colors: Blue and Green. Indeed, it’s the best choice for mountain riders.


  • Best for mountain riders
  • Easy setup 
  • Numerous storage system 
  • Suitable for high height weather
  • Amazing hydration system 


  • A little heavy

2. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent

Best for Carryall traveling, Nuclear family camping, Hiking

Height: 38 inches

Weight: 5.5 pounds 

Color: Copper, Rust 

Capacity: Minimum 2 person 

Set up: Liberal standing

Brand: ALPS Mountaineering lynx vs zephyr

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ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent is honestly, a revolution in the tent industry of Alps Mountaineering Company. This tent gives full coverage backpacking set up for ideal carry-on traveling.

It is a two-person capacity tent and has an extra place camping suitable for children too. It has a transparent headroom feature for easily making a connection with the outside of the tent.

Moreover, this feature gives an easy ventilation system into it and gives the travelers a comfortable staying environment inside the tent. For privacy and heavy weather resistance, there is a fly cover up to the transparent headroom.

It is separable from the actual tent and easily applicable for any time resettlement. The Zephyr tent is a freestanding two-pole setup tent that has an easy installation system to set up quickly to anywhere.

This lightweight carryall travel-friendly backpack tent gives full weatherproof protection and insect-proof protection inside and outside of its surface.

There are two pole clips for easy setup on the tent with those two poles. The tent fly cover protects the tent users from UV sun rays and also resists water.

Besides, there are dual vestibules systems for extra storage. Its two-side door system ensures the full airway ventilation system inside the tent. It also ensures easy access to the tent from both sides of it. This tent has a gear loft for drying clothes and a handy pocket for essential items like a mobile phone.

Its air piping roof gives protection from the sharp raw surface and ensures a comfortable sitting or sleeping and staying inside the tent. It also gives weather protection and keeps the inside environment hydrated. There are many storage pockets in the tent beside the gear loft. It is highly recommended for super light backpacking and camping or hiking. Its lightweight feature ensures the full comfort of the load taking of the user. Its fabric material is polyester and pole material is aluminium. It is usable in all 3 seasons. The weight of this tent is 5.5 pounds and the height after installation is 38 inches. It is available in the color of copper and rust. It is best for ideal tenting for family and carry-on backpacking travel moods.


  • Best for carryon traveling
  • Ensures full comfort inside
  • Flying cover protection
  • UV Sun protection



Is Alps Mountaineering A Good Brand?



Both the Lynx and Zephyr tent series are functional and stylish, for sure. Alps mountaineering tent has successfully created these tents. But I definitely found a few differences in Alps Mountaineering Lynx Vs Zephyr. If you are planning to go to the mountains in summer, ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr would be the wise one to choose. But, if you’re heading on a winter trip soon, you won’t find better than Alps Mountaineering Lynx tents. However, apart from the mentioned downsides, these tents have their own aura that make them exceptional than others. But, in some crucial criteria, I must accept the Alps Lynx 1 as the winner due to its capacity and elements proof.

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