Comparison Between Marmot Halo Vs Marmot Limestone

Marmot is a renowned brand in producing tents for outdoor camping. It has a number of tent series among which Marmot Halo and Marmot Limestone are two popular series. People using these tents have given positive reviews for both the tent lines. Although both the series are manufactured by the same brand, there is competition between these. Campers often discuss their pros and cons and compare them. So, here is an analytical comparison between marmot halo Vs marmot limestone tents for a better understanding of their advantages and disadvantages:

Comparison Between Marmot Halo Vs. Marmot Limestone

To begin with, the Marmot Halo series and the Marmot Limestone series come up with different sizes of tents that can accommodate a number of people. For example, tents for 4 persons, 6 persons or 8 persons.


Usually, the interior size of Limestone tents is smaller than the size of Halo tents. With a dome design, Halo series offers more room than the Limestone series. Just like the size, the weight of Halo tents is heavier than Limestone tents.


On the contrary to this, Halos’ packed sizes are smaller than the Limestone series. The floor area also differs, for the Halos it is more spacious than the Limestone tents. Both the tent lines have two doors access though Halo tents have one double door and one D shaped side entry, limestone tents have 2 D shaped accesses.


Halo series has several storages for organizing gears, large storage and several pockets. On the other hand, the Limestone series has only small interior pockets for organizing stuff. Limestone tents have lampshade pockets for holding headlamps which Halo tents lack. The Halo series is costlier than the Limestone series.


The Limestone series has high walls which allow users to stand straight inside. This series has removable vented fly so that the campers can enjoy the view of a clear starry night. Another interesting feature of the Limestone series is a double zipper, with that, the tent can be divided into two parts.


However, as both the series are produced by the same company, they have some common features also.


Both the tent series have a full-coverage fly with vents, color coded clips and poles for easy setup, waterproof and leak-proof floors, light-reflective points so that campers can spot their tents in the darkness, both are suitable for 3 seasons, both are made of similar materials.  


There is a complete review of two most recommended tents Marmot Halo 6P Tent and Marmot Limestone 6P Tent:


Marmot Halo 6P Tent:



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Best for: Sports, hiking, camp tour, outdoor

Load capacity: 6 person

Body Type: Liberal Standing


Size: 28 x 14 x 12 inches

Height: 6 Ft

Weight: 20 pounds

Fabric: Polyester, Nylon

Color: Dark Orange, Orange highlighted grey combination.

Marmot Halo 6P Tent is an ideal tent especially for travelers who are used to set up a solo or nuclear family camp. This tent covers up to 96.7 square feet of space inside of it. It is 6 feet in height.


This is an almost semi-height tent that offers 32 square feet of extra storage space outside of the tent. But you will be able to stand up in this tent.


There are large doors to have any time access from each side of it. One door is super large and the other door it like umbrella-shaped with a big front space for gear storage. Additionally, there are zipper attached sunshade covers over the tent.


This travel-time shelter has many back pockets for extra storage. There are DAC DA17 aluminum poles in four sides of Marmot halo 6P that support an independent standing, give it a height and protect it from breaking down. Moreover, it also protects on rainy days.


In addition, this tent has poly sleeve clips and has full coverage over the tent. But after initial use, some poles can be curved which gives the tent name “Halo” but this is not the disadvantage of this authentic tent.


Marmot Halo 6P is made of the best fabric that accords the benefits like breathing friendly, privacy-friendly, and water resistance. This tent’s catenary cut floor helps to keep it dry and hydrated.


It is a matter to mention that Halo 6p footprint is sold separately that helps you by supporting protection from sharp elements from the soil like- stone, water, mud, or anything uncomfortable.


It can give a perfect night shelter to almost 6 people comfortably. The door zippers can be tightened and it also gives protection from insects like mosquitoes, ants, etc. The ventilation system in Marmot is great. So if you are thinking to buy it, I think you should!




  • Family-friendly tent
  • Easy to move
  • Water-resistant
  • Super large doors
  • Easy ventilation system
  • Insect proof
  • Firm standing




  • Halo Poles get curved after one use




Marmot Limestone 6P Tent:



marmot halo vs marmot limestone


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Best for: outside camping

Load capacity: 6 person

Body Type: Freestyle Standing

Manufacturer: MARMOT

Size: 71 x 26 cm

Height: 76 inches

Weight: 17 lbs

Color: Green-shadow, Moss, red-grey, grey and orange, olive and green

Vestibules: 2


Marmot Limestone 6P Tent is a recommended tent for experienced travelers around the world. Its fantastic green shadow moss color catches the eyes of the viewers. The eye-catching huge interior space gives full comfort to around 6 people at the same time inside. Besides, it is best for spring and summer season camping tours. It protects the inside atmosphere from the heavy hit of the sunlight and keeps the inside cool and calm. The Marmot brand tent is an excellent choice for high hill camping. Its original style is Limestone 6P. Its weight is 16 pounds only which is lighter than other common tents. It has two side D-shaped doors that give full access from both sides anytime as the user’s choice. Extra pockets inside of tent help for the storage of extra essential small equipment. Moreover, there are various colors available on this tent such as Green-shadow, Moss, red-grey, grey and orange, olive and green, etc. It’s a family-friendly tent. Marmot Limestone’s easy standing poles, clips, and satisfying structure creates a roomy interior and give a soothing playroom atmosphere. In addition, its excellent ventilation system gives free breathing and balances the inside temperature of the tent. This tent’s floor loop gives a cut space, full coverage, and protection from sharp substances from the raw ground. Besides, the full coverage fabric gives protection from insects at any time of the day and night. It’s a height-friendly tent especially for tall people who are searching for tents like this. Indeed, according to previous customers: this tent is a wow product!


  • Eye-catching moss colors light to carry
  • Extra pockets
  • Protection from sharp floor
  • Protection from heavy sun


  • The rain cover is sold separately


To conclude, Marmot Halo series receives much more appreciation from the camper community than any other tent. It even enjoys the top rank among all the tents in online polls for its top-notch quality despite being expensive.  Since its launch, Limestone series is also able to gain popularity among the users for its affordability and quality. Although the Limestone series is not as much loved as the Halo series, it has created its own place in the camping world. Both the series are durable and offer good value for their prices. So, the campers can choose any of the two tent series marmot halo vs. marmot limestone manufactured by Marmot according to their budgets and needs.


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