Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Review Coleman is a well-known outdoor gears manufacturer company. The company had been established in 1900.

Why do Customers love their products? People trust them because the company try to provide their best quality products on time.

The company always make sure customer preferences. Every single product is worthy of pricing. They don’t overcharge on any product to keep in mind their valuable customers.

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Review

Most people want to get such a kind of tent that would be durable as well as affordable. Coleman Sundome tent is one of them which is perfect for camping.

Some of the new customers may ask why this company’s products are suitable for camping or any other outdoor recreations?

So here I will try to provide Coleman Sundome 4 person tent review out and out.

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Specs:

coleman sundome 4 person tent review
              Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Weatherproof: Its fabric and seams are water-resistant.
Wind and rain protected: Fiberglass poles and durable frame withstands makes it strong enough for stormy conditions.
Comfortable interior: 1 queen size air bed will be fit perfectly.
Awesome Ventilation: There is effective ventilation.
Easy Maintenance: It is easy to set up within 10 minutes.
E-port Facility: Yes

Product Descriptions:

Brand: Coleman
Color: Green
Fabric: Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet
Shape: Round
Item Weight: 3.68 pounds
Poles Material: Fiberglass
Capacity: 4 persons

This Coleman Sundome 4 person tent comes with a bunch of amazing features. This tent size is 10’x10′ so you can sleep spontaneously with your friends and pets.

Whatever the weather you don’t need to worry about because it has a WeatherTec system that can keep you and your outdoor gears dry and warm. There are no chances to leak water into the seams because their seams are very tight.

Its fabric and zipper is water and weather-protected so you don’t need to worry about the weather condition. Coleman Sundome 4-person tent is suitable for any weather conditions. Its interior dimension is 7 x 5 ft. with 4 ft. Center height would give you a bed roomy feelings.

You will feel warm and comfortable in the Coleman Sundome tent. The tents all frames are made by fibreglass poles so the Coleman Sundome tent can protect 35+ mph winds velocity.

The Coleman Sundome 4 person tent weight is 3.68 pounds. So it is not too weighty to carry. There is an e-port so it is easy to bring any electrical wire into the tent. It has a storage pocket on the tent wall so that you can easily store your valuable things.


  • Coleman is well worth the price
  • Preferable for value and quality
  • It has poly guard 2X double-thick fabric
  • The quality and price of this tent is a good match.


  • Only suitable for levelled grounds and not for rocky terrain.
  • You have to pitch your tent in a safe area.

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Review in Details:

Design and Quality:

When we want to spend our free time outdoor then we need all high-quality camping equipment.

We all know that how important a quality tent is! As we have to spend our time outdoor that’s why we need to ensure our safety first but which tent we are going to using that is very weak and flimsy then we will be at risk that we never want.

We want to be safe in every weather. We want to buy such kind of tent that can protect us from wind, rainstorms and extreme heat.

This Coleman Sundome tent’s shell is made from high-quality Polyesters so you can use this tent every season.

3-4 person can easily sleep in this tent so if you are alone or just two persons then you will enjoy a lot because of more space.

If you feel so hot and want to keep cool yourself then you just need to come inside the tent because this tent will provide you with a comfortable shade. The tent has an active window so you will get fresh air through this window.

Size and Weight:

You will not feel suffocated inside because this tent is large enough and its ventilation is superb. Coleman Sundome 4-person tent weight is very lightweight and handy. The tent weight is less than 9lbs.

WeatherTec System:

The Coleman Sundome comes with a WeatherTec System that can help you keep yourself safe in every weather.

The tent comes with tube likes floors that keep you dry and safe inside though the water is poured as much as on the outside.


When we think to buy a product first durability comes to our mind. But we have to keep our mind that durability depends on the product manufacturing process and the brand popularity.

You will be glad to know that Coleman is a renowned company and they made this tent with high-quality materials. They use durable Polyester which gives the tent longevity.

In windy weather, you will not face any problem because its holding rods are so strong. You can buy longer stakes for extra durability and keep the tent in place, although you don’t need to do.

Easy Set-up:

When we need to set up a tent first of all it comes to our mind that how to set up a tent easily and in a short time. The tent set-up is individual and it depends on the tent’s construction. Coleman Sundome makes it very simple.

Go Beyond the Ordinary

It will take less than 12 minutes with two people to ready for use and in a short time you can easily pick up the tent and keep the tent provided storage bag and leave the place soon. Even you do not need more space at your home as its compact style of packaging.

What you like most

We preferred the roomy feelings of the tent. The tent is well ventilated and it has two windows and a ground vent.

You will find a screen window on the top of the tent door designed for getting fresh air but insects free. During camping time some travelers like to sleep early but they can’t sleep comfortably because of sunlight.

You will be glad to know that this Coleman Sundome tent comes with Dark Room Technology that will give you a sunlight free darkroom so that you can sleep fast when you want and you will get real nighty feelings in it.

When we decide to go camping the first thing that is come to our mind is safe at night. The Coleman Sundome tent includes an innovative safety privilege that is Illumiline reflective guylines. These features ensure the exact location of the tent at night because it is visible at night.

The nocturnal wander here and there but the tent is visible at night that’s why they will be cautious to come near.

It’s another privilege is it’s roomy enough so you don’t have to be worried about extra space and they also include lots of idea in their structural design like pin-and-ring connections, snag-free Insta-Clip suspension, and continuous pole sleeves into the tent.

Customers Feedback

Some so many customers already have used these Coleman Sundome tents. As they have used it that’s why they found a lot of positive and negative issues about this 4-person tent.

Now we will refer to those customer’s review as if you can be benefited. One customer says that though the Coleman company claim that this tent is a four-person tent but it is not a four-person adult tent.

Another customer says that this tent zipper is not durable. Some customers are confused as they didn’t clarify what kind of tent it is? Winter or Summer?

But if we notice some other customer’s reviews then your concept will be more cleared.

A female customer says that she is very satisfied with this tent because this Coleman Sundome 4-person tent gave you total protection from the rain that means the tent is extremely waterproof.

Another regular customer says that once in heavy rainstorms no moisture came into his tent.

Another customer once went for an outing with his family. They comfortably spent their time without facing any issues with this Coleman Sundome 4-person tent.

Coleman Sundome 2 person tent review

If you have required a 2-person tent, then you can check out this Coleman Sundome 2-person tent. If you want to compare this tent quality with the 4-person tent, then there are no major differences between them without only specifications.


Coleman Sundome 2 person tent Specifications:


  • Products Type: 2-person dome tent
  • Manufacturer: The Coleman Company, Inc.
  • Dimensions: 68 x 59.06 x 47.24 inches
  • Weight: 7.31 Pounds
  • Poles: 8.5mm fiberglass
  • Material: Polyester
  • Warranty: 1-year

Ready to Shake Things Up

The Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent is competent for the summer season. This tent comes with a ground vent and wide windows so that you can spend more time comfortably in the tent. This dome tent has enough space for one queen size air mattress.


Is the Coleman Sundome tent waterproof? 

Yes, the Coleman Sundome tent is waterproof. In any weather, you can use this tent smoothly.

Are Coleman tents good quality?

When it comes to knowing about its quality, there is no doubt that the Coleman Sundome tents are the best quality tents.

What is the best 4 person tent?

Coleman Sundome is the best 4-person tent.

How much does this tent weigh?

Less than 9lbs

Does Coleman Sundome come with hooks to hang lights?

Yes, it has a hook to hang lights.

Can a queen mattress fit in a 4 person tent?

Yes, a queen mattress fit in this 4-person tent.


I think you have already read this Coleman Sundome 4 person tent review and you have got an idea to make a decision. I have tried to cover almost all the benefits and available features of the Coleman Sundome tent. If you are planning to trip for an outing in winter or summer or snowy season, then you can go without any hesitation but there is strong wind then you should not go for outing with this tent because it may harm you.

If I wrap up the whole features, then you can see the features at a glance:

More Space
Easy to set up
Weathertec System
Dark Room Technology and So on

This tent won’t dissatisfy you. Above all information is authentic about this Coleman Sundome tent.

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