Comparison Between Osprey Atmos vs Stratos

Comparison Between Osprey Atmos vs Stratos Are you looking for a wonderful backpack for overnight hikes or treks? An Osprey backpack can be the best choice. But the question is, “Which one should you choose between Osprey Atmos vs Stratos?


I’ve more than years of experience climbing ascents and glacier travel. To me, the wrong backpack can ruin your hiking. So, I’ve decided to sum up my experience by using the famous two series of Osprey.


A head-to-head comparison on Atmos vs Stratos might help you to pick a backpack that fits your body nicely. So, without any further do, let’s see which one is better.


Which backpack is the best, “Osprey Atmos vs Stratos”?


Construction Quality:


Osprey Stratos is a classic series with numerous qualities, including its compact and light structure. You will find the Stratos backpacks in small to midsize. It makes the backpacks fit well with your body.


Besides, you can pack more stuff in your bag without worrying about the heaviness. In this case, Osprey Atmos is a bit behind due to its bulkier structure. The backpack is comparatively heavy and you may need to be careful while packing it.


Availability of Rain Cover:


On rainy days outing, a backpack with an in-body rain cover is such a blessing. Stratos backpacks are manufactured with rain cover. It allows the user to act versatility, no matter what the season is.


I found this missing in Atmos backpacks. Well, you’re not going to get a rain cover with it. But you can have one by paying an extra amount.


Anti-gravity Suspension Capacity:


With the anti-gravity suspension, Atmos is trying to make the structure easily carryable. Well, when the backpacks are heavy, the anti-gravity suspension quality can make you feel a bit lighter to carry the bag.


On the other hand, Stratos backpacks don’t have anti-gravity suspension. In fact, I don’t think it is mandatory to have. The backpacks are lighter themselves. So, this won’t make a difference in their performance.


Number of Models:


Well, I always prefer the series that offers more models. It allows the user to choose a backpack with specific requirements. Unfortunately, Atmos is losing here, as well. It offers extraordinary backpack models but only two in number. ATMOS AG 50 and ATMOS AG 65.


Stratos is playing amazingly with the four different. So, you have the opportunity to get the most specific one for you.




Spending money on a backpack will be a complete waste if it won’t last long. So, it’s mandatory to get a backpack that is going to company you for years.


Honestly saying, both the backpack series is strong enough to fight back for years. With the strong fiber of the material, these backpacks are nothing but the good-performing stuff in the market. So, you can choose one very easily from these two series.




Price is the most considered thing to almost everyone. So, let’s see how budget-friendly these models are. Well, without any debate, Stratos will give you the best price. Different versions are available and all of them are simply affordable, unlike many quality backpacks. But Atmos is comparatively pricey.


I am an expert traveler and traveling for the last 6 years. I have well experience of travel backpacking. So here is all in one incredible backpack solution from me according to my experience. Let’s give a quick tour and see why we should choose one between Atmos vs Stratos. 


Osprey Atmos AG 50 backpack:



Atmos vs Stratos

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Weight: 4.21 lbs.

Load range: 25-40 lbs.

Colors: Grey, Red, Blue

Best For: Carryall travel


Osprey Atmos AG 50 Men’s Backpack is a superb choice for people who are used to trekking or hiking and going through long adventures. It’s antigravity suspension is one of the best features.


It provides lightweight benefits to the backpack. It makes it feel like you are carrying less weight and gives comfort to the shoulder. It helps to move quickly to hills and upper land.


Besides, there are several pockets in front and backside to put important pieces of stuff like money, cards, passport, travel papers, sunglass, etc.


Especially, a front stretch mesh pocket gives quick access to rain gear and other immediately needed accessories.


In addition, it comes out a really helpful container if someone wants to put almost all travel equipment in one: especially tents, tracking sticks, sleeping bags, etc.


Osprey Atmos AG 50’s Backpack provides a fit-on-the-fly hip belt facility for a perfect fit.


In addition, this bag is made of the best weather-resistant fabric with protection in any weather from rain to a sandstorm. It also protects the rain gear even from getting drenched!


Specifically, there is an internal hydration reservoir sleeve available but you have to buy it separately.


Hydration reservoir sleeves are made to make your water drinking easier while traveling to rough places where water is in shortage to find out.

Indeed, from beginner to expert traveler, from carry-on-travel to Hiking or rough adventure, this bag is a perfect suit.



  • Convenient to any weather
  • Antigravity resistance
  • Pocket functions



  • Moisten reservoir sleeve


Osprey Stratos 50 Men’s Backpacking Backpack:



Atmos vs Stratos


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Weight: 3.5 pounds

Load range: 40 pounds

Colors: Black

Best For: Hiking and adventure


Osprey Stratos 50 Men’s Backpacking Backpack is a shoulder-friendly, perfect suit travel backpack for any kind of traveler. You should always think of choosing a perfect fitted travel bag while traveling.


Otherwise, your travel journey will be miserable. Because it becomes really tough when you are walking or hiking if your backpack is not easy to carry up.

Roaring Thunderstorms and Motorcycle Camping

So there is an adjustable shoulder-friendly system in Osprey Stratos 50 to provide you with the perfect fit.


Moreover, Osprey Stratos has a Stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment system that helps you to stick the trekking poles easily to the backpack and to bring them out on time.


There are two hip belt pockets for storage of the quick access for small kinds of stuff like bottles, snacks, or other essentials. Besides, there are many pockets on both sides for your handy pieces of stuff to find easily. Besides, this backpack provides both side mesh pockets.


Osprey Stratos 50 gives shoulder protection with backside ventilation. Additionally, it has wet weather protection with a handy and separable rain cover.


The rain cover adjusted to this Osprey Stratos 50 travel backpack to protect any stuff in the bag from heavy rainfall. It helps from drenching anything included in it though it is separable.


There are hydration reservoir sleeves available on the mart of Osprey Company but you have to buy them separately.


Hydration reservoir sleeves make your water drinking easier when you are on a long journey and water is hard to find out.


Sometimes, the rain cover is available with it but sometimes you have to buy it separately. This backpack is only available in one color: Black.


In fact, it’s a perfect, dependable, ultra-light backpack for traveling, camping, hiking, trekking, etc.



  • Shoulder Friendly
  • Trekking Friendly
  • Wet weather protection



  • Only one color




While considering the Osprey Atmos vs Stratos, I assume the Stratos series is the winner clearly. Atmos is doing its job great and so is the Stratos in case of robustness, easy-to-use nature and also the budget-friendly price tag.


Even, you can frequently carry one of this series on multiple-day outings, no matter where and when you are going.

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