Top 10 Goose Decoys of 2024 (Update Guide)

Top 10 Goose Decoys of 2024 With hunting season in full swing, you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. While guns, ammunition, and proper clothing are essential for a successful day of hunting, you can’t forget the importance of choosing the right goose decoy.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, there are many different goose decoys on the market today. To help you decide on the best one for your needs, we’ve put together this top 10 list of Goose Decoys of 2023.

Flambeau Outdoors Canada Decoys

Flambeau’s all-purpose Canada decoys are lightweight, easy to store and transport, and extremely lifelike. Each one is handmade with attention to detail and includes a realistic-looking head, wings, and tail. The decoy also features removable legs and optional paint enhancements for more realistic appearances.

Dakota Decoy 6-Pack Floater

These ultra-realistic floating decoys are made from the highest quality materials and feature advanced molding techniques that result in incredibly lifelike illusion. The decoys are also extremely durable and can be used in both salt and fresh water.

Cherokee Sports Goose Hunting Decoys

This six-pack of goose decoys features some of the most realistic looking decoys on the market. Each one is made from a durable plastic and comes with a realistic bill, eye, and posture that’s sure to fool even the savviest birds.

 Premium Canadian Goose Decoys by G&H Decoys

These handcrafted Canadian decoys are perfect for attracting large flocks of geese. They are extremely lifelike and feature a body and head design that is close to that of a real goose. The decoys are also made from a durable plastic material that’s designed to weather the elements.

Lucky Duck HD- deluxe flapper

If you’re looking for a decoy that’s a bit more interactive, then this one’s for you. This flapper decoy is motion activated and will flutter and flap when it detects motion. The decoy is also lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for long days in the field.

Primos Magnum Snow Goose Decoys

These reliable decoys are perfect for hunters looking to attract large numbers of snow geese. They’re made from a durable plastic material that stands up to harsh weather conditions and feature realistic-looking paint job enhancements for added realism.

Avian- X Topflight Honker Decoys

These Canadian goose decoys feature realistic feathers and body positioning, perfect for attracting large flocks of various species of birds. The a durable plastic material makes these decoys easy to transport and store, and the lifelike lifelike head, bill, and eyes are sure to fool even the savviest birds.

MOJO Outdoors® Elite Series Honker

This six-pack of All-Terrain full body decoys is sure to make your hunt a success. The decoys feature realistic-looking body positioning and a unique weight-forward design that makes transporting the decoys a breeze.

Bag’em Decoys Canada Goose Snow Goose 12 Pack

These lightweight and realistic-looking floating decoys are perfect for group attraction. Made from a durable foam-filled plastic, they’re easy to store and transport and feature realistic paint job enhancements that are sure to fool even the savviest of birds.

Final Decoy Flock Floating Decoys

These lightweight decoys feature realistic body posturing and an all-weather material construction that stands up to harsh conditions. The decoys also feature a foolproof design that eliminates any unnecessary gaps for added realism.


Choosing the right goose decoy can be the difference between a successful hunt and an unsuccessful one. We hope this list of the top 10 Goose Decoys of 2023 helps you find the perfect decoy for your needs.


What are the best goose decoys?

The best goose decoys of 2023 are the Flambeau Outdoors Canada Decoys, the Dakota Decoy 6-Pack Floater, the Cherokee Sports Goose Hunting Decoys, the Premium Canadian Goose Decoys by G&H Decoys, the Lucky Duck HD- deluxe flapper, Primos Magnum Snow Goose Decoys, the Avian- X Topflight Honker Decoys, the MOJO Outdoors® Elite Series Honker, Bag’em Decoys Canada Goose Snow Goose 12 Pack, and the Final Decoy Flock Floating Decoys.

Are goose decoys effective?

Yes, goose decoys can be an effective way to attract geese for hunting. The key is to choose a decoy that is realistic-looking and well designed.

Are goose decoys expensive?

No, goose decoys can be purchased for a relatively low cost. There are a variety of decoy options ranging from simple to highly realistic.

Are goose decoys safe to use?

Yes, goose decoys are a safe and humane way to attract geese for hunting purposes.

Are goose decoys easy to transport?

Yes, goose decoys can be lightweight and easy to transport. Some decoys even feature a weight-forward design for easy transportation.

Can goose decoys be used in saltwater?

Yes, there are decoys on the market that are designed for both salt and fresh water.

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