Soto Amicus Vs Windmaster

Soto Amicus Vs Windmaster Are you thinking of making a backpack for your outside work? Then, it would be best if you bought a stove with you. A suitable and smart stove will make your trip more adventurous. A superior stove is very comfortable for you.


Selecting the best stove

But, selecting the best stove between Soto amicus vs windmaster is a complex task. The users always want to get a versatile, lightweight, big burner head, less noisy, and large pot stabilizer.


Don’t worry; we will focus on deeply comparing Soto amicus vs windmaster stove to get the effective information. This content will help you to select the best one. Have a look!


Design pattern

The design of the Soto amicus and wind master is just pretty. They are designed with premium quality materials and especially for outdoor activities.


The Soto amicus is very small, whereas the wind master is comparatively larger than the amicus.


Size and Affordability

The amicus stove is smaller than the wind master, but it is comparatively heavier. The Soto Amicus is a lightweight stove with 72 grams weight.


Whereas the wind master’s weight is 3.1 oz. a round 750ml pot fits with the wind master stove, and the Soto amicus can carry two cups of water for boiling at a time.


Efficiency of fuel

The Soto Amicus is a much more fuel-efficient and affordable stove. This stove is very easy to use. When the matter is fuel consumption, it is the same for these two types of stoves.


The Wind master and Soto amicus generally need one and half hours with an 8 oz canister.



Soto Amicus Vs Windmaster

Selecting the suitable stove for you, you have to justify some special features of these two. Let’s have a look at a complete comparison between these two for a clear understanding-


Boiling and sound

In the case of boiling, the wind master is the best. The Wind master stove comparatively needs less time to boil the same amount as the amicus stove.

boiling, the wind master is the best

For example, the wind master boils 700ml of water in two and 49 seconds, whereas amicus needs three minutes and sixteen seconds. Besides these, you will get less sound from Wind master than amicus stove.


Windy situation

The wind master and amicus are almost the same to look at. But there are a few differences between these two stoves. Sometimes, we may need to cook in the windy weather. The structural pattern of these two stoves is very attractive.


Soto Amicus Vs Windmaster

But, in windy weather, wind masters will support you better than amicus. The burner of the wind master is comparatively closer to the required pot than the amicus. This stove is more active in cooking first.


Temperature Adjustability

When you adjust the heat level of Soto amicus and wind master, you can differ between these two. The wind master stove normally uses a micro regulator, whereas the Soto amicus uses a triple o ring.


The triple ring is seal type regulation. These two stoves offer amazing simmering control. The handle of the wind master is easier to use.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a Soto Windmaster stove?

This stove is specially designed for windy weather. Soto WindMaster stoves sit the pot close to the fire, making them more efficient. The result is a faster and longer boil time. As a result of the concave design of the burner head, a windscreen-like effect is created.


Are Windmaster stoves any good?

Windmaster stoves provide great service. The Windmaster is a standout because of its wind resistance. It cooks relatively quickly compared with other stoves. It has some minor negatives.


Do small canister stoves work in the wind?

This rule has two notable exceptions: the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe and the Soto Windmaster. They both have flame-shielding burner heads.


Soto Amicus Vs Windmaster

A small number of small canister stoves experienced severe problems in the wind, causing poor fuel efficiency.


What is the difference between Soto Windmaster and Amicus stoves?

Size of the required pot and head part are the most essential features to  differ between these two stoves. These two stoves are assembled separately, and you have the option to choose three supports named; TRI-FLEX, 4FLEX, or a combination of both.

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In this content, we have compared Soto amicus vs. wind master. You will get some special similarities between these two and there are also differences. The main differences between these products are size, weight, fuel efficiency, cooking capacity, etc.

Hopefully, you have found all the special features of these two stoves before buying one that will suit you. Pick up the best one and make your outdoor work more adventurous!

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