Fjallraven Kajka vs Osprey Aether

Fjallraven Kajka and Osprey Aether are two popular backpacks by travelers worldwide for their unique designs and user-friendly features.


Both of them are so comfortable, handy and easy to carry that the tourists often get confused about which one to choose. So, here is a comparative analysis of the two backpacks fjallraven kajka vs osprey aether.


Comparison Between Fjallraven Kajka Vs Osprey Aether


If I compare fjallraven kajka vs osprey aether then the very first, I shall tell that Fjallraven Kajka and Osprey Aether both are two widely appreciated hiking backpacks around the world.


The largest Osprey Aether backpacks’ weight is less than the weight of Fjallraven kajka although the size of the former one is bigger.


The materials of these two backpacks are durable and comfortable although Kaika has 1-year warranty while Osprey comes with a lifetime warranty.


Fjallraven Kajka is available in one size only whereas Osprey Aether backpacks come in 3 different sizes.


Both the backpacks have some similar aspects like adjustable shoulder straps, several compression straps, top, side and bottom access points, several zippered pockets, rain covers, emergency whistles, separate sleeping bag compartments, mesh pockets and separable top lid which can be converted as separate bags.


However, Osprey has some unique qualities which make travelling comfortable. It has a breathable suspended-mesh panel extending throughout the back area which allows ventilation.


Carrying heavy loads without any hassle has been possible for its anti-gravity technology. Moreover, Osprey Aether hiking backpacks have an external hydration reservoir sleeve and a trekking pole attachment.


On the other hand, Fjallraven Kajka has a wooden frame that is environmentally friendly. It also has a mesh/ dry compartment which allows keeping wet clothes separate and dry during the travelling days.


Here I am referring to some of the best hiking backpacks as you can easily choose any of the two:


Fjallraven Kajka 65 Review:




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It has adjustable shoulder straps and a hip belt make it a perfect fit for all regardless of the height and health of the carrier. Its Top, vertical front and bottom front these 3 opening-accesses make storing and unloading staff easy.

Kajka’s removable top cover with pockets and snow lock can be converted to a waist-bag or chest bag.


Fjallraven Kajka 65 comes with a wet and dry compartment with a mesh pocket that allows keeping wet dresses separate and odor-free.


Fjallraven Kajka 65 Specifications:


Material: 600D polyester
Size: 1 size available, large
Dimensions: 30 x 14 x 11in
Weight: 7lb 1oz (3200g)
Color: 3 colors available (Un Blue, Black and graphite)
Capacity: 65L (3967cu in)
Warranty: 1 year




  • More gear can be carried with less effort.
  • Long-lasting outer fabric and rain-cover make it durable.
  • All the pockets are zippered.
  • A whistle attached to the chest belt.
  • Compression straps make it possible to keep the gear placed.
  • The wooden frame is environmentally friendly.




  • The bag itself is a bit heavy.
  • Although compressible, the total length of the bag is unreasonable to some extent.



Osprey Aether AG 60 Review: 



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Its padded hip belt and harness give perfect fit and comfort for heavyweight on long journeys; they are interchangeable to provide a personalized fit.


Osprey’s anti-gravity technology makes carrying heavy loads effortlessly.
Its internal hydration reservoir sleeve accommodates up to a 3L reservoir which is sold separately.


The breathable suspended-mesh panel extends throughout the back area which allows ventilation. The separable top lid can be converted to a fully functional day pack or left out to reduce the weight.


Osprey Aether AG 60 Specifications:


Material: Nylon (210D Nylon Dobby, Accent: 210D High Tenacity Nylon Shadow Box, Bottom: 500D Nylon Packcloth)
Size: 3 available sizes-small, medium and large
SM: 30.71H X 15.35W X 12.2D IN,
MD: 32.68H X 15.35W X 12.2D IN.
LG: 34.65H X 15.35W X 12.2D IN.
SM: 4.998 LBS.
MD: 5.049 LBS.
LG: 5.099 LBS.
Color: 3 available colors, Outback Orange, Neptune Blue, Adirondack Green
SM: 57 L (3478 Cu IN)
MD: 60 L (3661 Cu IN)
LG: 63 L (3845 CU IN)
Warranty: lifetime




  • Top, side and bottom these 3 opening accesses make storing and unloading gears easy.
  • Several compression straps keep the gear placed and secured.
  • Different sized and typed several pockets make the organization of stuff easy.
  • More room for gears can be made by removing the divider of sleeping pad straps.
  • Lifetime warranty




  • Not suitable for super heavy loads as the bag itself is a bit heavy.
  • The shape and size of some pockets are unreasonable to some extent.



Fjallraven Kajka Vs Osprey AetherVerdict:


Kajka is suitable for those who travel for months as it can contain more gear and provide support for excessive loads. Again, it is cheaper than Osprey.

However, Osprey is preferable if the travel is for weeks or a short period. Although its anti-gravity technology and custom fit quality make the journey smooth and comfortable, it is not suitable for super-heavy loads.


This backpack is perfect for those who love snow trekking as it has a pole attachment. I think you have got an authentic idea from this fjallraven kajka vs osprey aether comparison.


So, travelers can choose any backpacks as both are useful, handy, and of high quality.



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